The Greatest Resort in the Bahamas Atlantis Resort

Being a reader of Spectacular Stays I’m guessing you have always being in the search of your very own paradise. And I’m sure you’ll find your fair share of paradisiacal spots amongst our reviews and articles. But when it comes to the real deal, there is just one Paradise Island, and just one hotel and resort in it: Bahamas’ Atlantis.


Right outside of the capital city of The Bahamas, Nassau, you can find a bridge shy of a mile long that leads you to a duly named Paradise Island. On the island’s side of the bridge you’ll find a checkpoint that would seem to belong to a country border. Fear it not, for only Atlantis’ guests have access to the island and you are one of them.

The Atlantis is composed of six different buildings that can host a total 4000 people. Those six buildings range from the regular five-star luxury deal to the mind-blowing Cove where everything is just too good to be true.


Atlantis is way more than just a hotel, and inside its walls you’ll find a vast range of restaurants, shops and entertainment for the family. Even a stylish disco where the prettiest people dance to the latest dance tunes and a Casino right in the middle of the main building in case your spending spree has no limits.


But the outside surpasses the inside of the Atlantis. It’s aqua-park is without a doubt what makes this luxurious resort way more than expected. There are countless attractions for all ages and styles. You can swim with dolphins or you can take the “Leap of Faith”, a Mayan-like slide that goes through a pool of sharks. Fear anyone?


Just don’t forget you are in the Caribbean, and as such you should go enjoy the sea. After all the beaches in Paradise Island are private and you will be in a quieter environment than what you would expect in the go-to Caribbean spots in the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Oh, I was about to forget! If you have a spare $24,000 a night you could book what used to be Michael Jackson’s holiday room.

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Written by Victor Martinez Valero

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