Design Hotel in Old Town Tallinn Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria

Solo Sokos Estoria – A multi-story unique hotel located across the street of old town Tallinn (In Estonian old town is “Vanalinn”) – in other words, the location is perfect for a marvelous view on the medieval old town. Visiting the old town in Talinn is a good strategy for photographers to accumulate more photographs.

As we walked in, I was welcomed by the kind staff. The decor and area of the hotel is so clean and modern. I have been to Tallinn before and know the area quite well, it’s super easy to spot this hotel because its so centrally located in the old town of Tallinn.

Tallinn Restaurant hotel in center of city
Restaurant / Lounging area at the Solo Sokos Hotel Tallinn. Photo by Anna Kanska.

Our room was on the 9th floor. Providing us with a spectacular view across town! The view was stunning, the room has a tasteful design and the bed was really comfortable.

Solo Sokos hotel double bed room Tallinn luxury hotel
The Bedroom with a large double bed in Solo Sokos Hotel. Photo by Anna Kanska.

As Solo Sokos Estoria is located in the very centre of Tallinn, the old town is right across the street and all the main tourism and entertainment places are just a walking distance away.

solo sokos hotel tallinn restaurant
Cool glass wall in the Solo Sokos Hotel. Photo by Anna Kanska.

The restaurant was located on the second floor and the area looked lovely, we enjoyed eating the continental breakfast with various types of omelettes, fresh juice from seasonal fruits and other healthy treats.

Solo Sokos Tallinn restaurant
The Restaurant in the Solo Sokos Hotel. Photo by Anna Kanska.

As you all know, it’s the little things you do that matter. The Solo Sokos Hotel was extremely well at providing us with cool surprises all over the hotel. On the walls of the hotel you would find quirky and fun notes, some notes encouraging hotel guests to make selfies with the view outside, to small lounge areas with coffee machines, sofas, tv, bookshelfs and table games on each floor. We found this hotel to be very family-friendly, and would definitely recommend staying here with kds if you visit Talinn.

solo sokos hotel tallinn lounge wifi
The Lounge in Solo Sokos Hotel Estonia. Photo by Anna Kanska.

What to do in old town Tallinn?

Tallinn is a small but the is lovely to walk around in the classic city, We went for a walk in Kadriorg park, during March the weather can be nice and we were in no rush to leave the park. Kadriorg Park s about 2 km from Solo Sokos Estoria, we enjoyed walking there but you can also take the tram or bus (there’s a bus and tram stop right in front of the hotel). Kadriorg park is especially beautiful in the summer and fall. The city lights illuminate the trees in the evenings. At the end of the park, you will find the Kumu museum which is an interesting place to visit for art enthusiasts.

Old town Tallinn Kadriorg park in the summer
Kadriorg park in the summer. Photo by Anna Kanska.

Walking back from the park, we chose a different path – with a view on the Tallinn coastline. From there we could see the old port and the old town of Tallinn. Locals enjoy jogging here because of convenience and the relaxed atmosphere.

Old town Tallinn Harbor
Old town Tallinn harbor. Photo by Anna Kanska.

On the last day of our trip we enjoyed a walk though old town. Here you will find phenomenal Medieval architecture. Tallinn was built between the 13th and 16th century, so its the ideal place to find cathedrals, museums and attractions, towers, beautiful public gardens and viewpoints.

Old town Tallinn in the summer
Old town Tallinn in the summer. Photo by Anna Kanska.

Solo Sokos Estoria

For further information about Solo Sokos Estoria, please visit

Viru valjak 4, Tallinn 10111, Estonia

Written by Anna Kanska

I'm a traveler and a filmmaker from Latvia, currently working on TV shows, as well as creative film projects. I have lived in Latvia, Estonia, Spain and China, traveled most of Europe and looking forward to new travel adventures.

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