Midnight Candle-light Dinner with an Authentic View Herodion Hotel Athens

I had never visited Greece’s capital before, but as we took the last flight to Mykonos island from Milan, we decided that it would make perfect sense to pass-through Athens for a couple of days prior to heading back to Milan. We took an early morning ferry from Mykonos to Piraeus (Athens) which took roughly 5 hours. There was another option, which was the evening fast-ferry but then we would arrive very late in Athens. In retrospect we should’ve taken the night ferry because the beach and weather was amazing. But, we had pre-booked our tickets online. So we had to be on our way!

Athens is as lovely and lively as our friend’s had described to us. On arrival in Piraeus we were immersed into a busy and hectic cosmopolitan city. After shuffling around we finally found the metro and took a train to Omonoia, then we switched to the red metro line (towards Helliniko) and got out at the Acropolis metro station.

So, after taking the metro to the center for about 20 minutes we were very surprised to find a sea of calmness. No cars! I repeat, no cars and a huge park surrounding the Acropolis! And most of the promoters in the area were super-friendly and helpful when asking for directions.

Herodion Hotel Lobby Bedroom and Jacuzzi Atrium
Everything was very pleasant at the Herodion Hotel from the Lobby to the Jacuzzi and beautiful Atrium. Photos by Serena and the Herodion Hotel.

We walked from the Acropolis metro station to the family run boutique hotel called Herodion, a lovely hotel located in the heart of Athens and with a view on the Acropolis. After receiving a friendly welcome and an efficient check-in we went up to our room and our luggage followed a few minutes later. The hotel porter gave a tour of the room and showed us how to operate the air conditioner (which cooled the room very quickly, but we didn’t use it much). The family hotel was very nice and the rooms were classic, our room had a balcony view on the Acropolis and a school’s playground but it wasn’t bothersome because the windows were sound-proof. The fixed led-lights inside of the ceiling gave a comfortably lit atmosphere during the night time.

Jacuzzi spa Greece Athens Herodion Hotel
The Jacuzzi with a view on the Acropolis. Photo by Herodion Hotel.

We were starving as we arrived, and the first thing we did, was make a reservation for the best table on the roof terrace “POINT a”. After making our reservation we went to the top floor with the elevator and had a look at the “roof” Jacuzzi with a view on an ancient monument – which is something I haven’t seen before, as a traveler, but it was something exquisite and it was something quite unique. And then quickly went out to find something to eat before visiting the Acropolis for the sunset.

sunset acropolis herodion hotel athens
We walked from the Herodion Hotel to the Acropolis and experienced a spectacular sunset with the ancient ruins. We laughed when we saw this wonderful dog relaxing right in the middle of the pedestrian zone. Photos by Serena.

In the late afternoon when we went to the Acropolis, we were immensely rewarded – we could see a beautiful sunset in comfortable and warm weather, surrounded by friendly cats, it was a really fun, cute, cultural and romantic.

As we returned to the hotel we found a fruit basket and a handwritten welcome note from the hotel. After resting our feet for awhile we went up to the “POINT a” roof-top restaurant for dinner. It was full of people and had a charming atmosphere; the clientele was a mix between business travelers and small groups of friends, out for a sophisticated celebration.

Herodion Hotel Athens Boutique Hotel Acropolis Restaurant View
The view on the amazing Acropolis from the rooftop. A must-see! Photo by Herodion Hotel.

Since we were visiting in October the weather was a bit cool so we asked for some blankets. An extra benefit was that we received a coupon during check-in which could be exchanged for a welcome drink at the restaurant. So, we ordered a glass of red wine to accompany our main dishes.

To be honest, we really wanted to have some really Greek specialties and just asked the waiter to recommend us something local – and it was lovely.

We were seriously very impressed with the view from the hotel’s rooftop. We loved how friendly and hospitable our waiter was. It was a delight to dine here while watching the Acropolis with a clear sky.

Acropolis museum view restaurant Herodion Hotel
View on the Acropolis Museum from the Herodion Hotel. Photo by Herodion Hotel

With the dinner behind us, we headed back to the room and rested for the next day in order to see more of the city. Although we would’ve had drinks the entire night in the eclectic “POINT a” rooftop bar if we weren’t tired. The sight on the Acropolis, while it’s bathing in light is simply astounding and gaping at the largest classical Greek temple every built is a night well spent. Thank you Athens!

In the morning we went down to the hotel’s restaurant and we found a lovely buffet with a good amount of variety. This time we went for the continental breakfast with a few local delights. There is a small Olive garden at the hotel and when they ripen, the olives become part of the breakfast!

breakfast hotel athens acropolis
The delicious breakfast inside the restaurant at the Herodion Hotel. Photos by Serena and the Herodion Hotel

The next day we made a stop at the Acropolis Museum which is situated only a few minutes walk from the hotel. This is one of the high-lights of Athens. Visit it! Especially to admire the beautiful building and it’s modern architecture. Guaranteed inspiration for artists around the world!

Acropolis museum herodion hotel walking distance
The legendary Acropolis Museum is frequented by more than a million tourists each year. Photos by Serena.

Overall guests that are looking to be spoiled and pampered should definitely take a look and book this lovely family owned boutique hotel as it is both affordable, friendly and located in the ideal location in central Athens.

Herodion Hotel Athens
Information at: www.herodion.gr
4 Rovertou Galli str. Acropolis, Athens, Greece
+30 210 923 6832

Written by Serena Park

I'm a consultant and travel very often for work and leisure, when I'm not on the road I stay in Milan. I usually publish my stories on my Chinese travel blog.

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