A Calm Hideaway in Enchanting Mykonos Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge

This little gem in Mykonos is a prime example of five-star luxury and the place to go for a high quality stay in Greece. We were more than pleasantly surprised with Bill & Coo’s luxury hotel on the island. Prior to our arrival we had read a substantial amount of positive reviews and favorable articles on the property but even then they managed to surpass our expectations; The quiet pool with a stunning view, Mediterranean cuisine, staff and overall vibe of the hotel was excellent.

Communication with the hotel was pleasant. We were in touch with Maria, the Hotel’s Executive Assistant. She provided us with plenty of info beforehand and checked in with us on several occasions to see whether we needed anything.

We were already staying in Mykonos before our stay at Bill & Coo. But, if Bill & Coo is your first stop then have them organize the shuttle service between the hotel and the airport as taxis are difficult to find on the island. Mykonos is a small island and the airport is only 1.6 mi/2.5 km from the hotel.

bill coo mykonos sunset
The hotel’s infinity pool cleverly fits into the scenic view. Photo by Bill and Coo Suites and Lounge.

When your looking at the hotel from the outside you can see that it’s cleverly fitted into the environment. Once I got inside with our suitcases, I was promptly helped by the reception team who came outside to give us a hand. We were greeted by name and led into the open space with the swimming pool. The staff took care of the check-in while we enjoyed our welcome drink (fresh lemonade, gazpacho and gourmet crispbread). I quickly looked around and thought the space was lovely, everything was very modern but with a distinct Greek style. Before we headed to the room, a member of the staff gave us a map and recommendations for fine-dining and places to visit. We were escorted to our room and given a little tour of the facilities – which was important as there was a iPad to control the lighting and music in the room. The music the hotel picked out for guests was super relaxing and I have added some tracks to my playlist at home. Many different genres were available from House music to Hip Hop and Chill out.

Maria made us feel extra welcome by leaving a handwritten welcome note in our room with chocolates. I was very impressed with how good the staff were throughout my stay. It was good to see. From the minute we arrived at the hotel, nothing was too much trouble.

View Mykonos Luxury Hotel
After a warm welcome from Bill and Coo’s staff we went to our room and found a personal note. Photos by Alexander.

The décor, layout and size of our room was superb. There was a large amount of space in the room, a couch, coffee table, large comfy bed, a nespresso coffee machine, a slide out mini-bar (you could see all the items from the top), hairdryer, waterfall shower, smartly designed cupboards and a safe that could fit even the biggest laptops. All very tastefully decorated. We also had access to a private little balcony overlooking the beach. The surroundings of the hotel are very quiet, the main town of Mykonos can get extremely busy tho.

Luxury hotel mykonos bill and coo
Room at Bill and Coo Mykonos Luxury Hotel. Photos by Alexander and Bill and Coo Suites and Lounge.

The suites are very luxurious and they consist out of a romantic and modern blend, the rooms are ideal for a romantic holiday or a Greek honeymoon in Mykonos. Some suites feature private outdoor pools, Jacuzzis and dining areas. The bed was very comfortable – and the pillows were very good (two types of pillows on the bed). Usb plugs were conveniently situated right next to the bed as well. Water was provided everywhere throughout our stay, in the room and while laying on the sun deck. The deluxe rooms cover a total area of 38 m2 and the Honeymoon Suite is 43 m2 which includes an outdoor Jacuzzi.

Wifi was free and the codes were provided but you are pleasantly reminded to “relax, you are in Mykonos” in the in-room guide. I had some issues with the Wifi but I’m not sure if it was the hotel’s connection. Try to keep your work at home and enjoy your stay instead! The first thing we did was take photos with the view from the hotel and go out and see Mykonos town. The Hotel is located a short walking distance to the main town (1,968 feet/600 m).

luxury shopping sightseeing mykonos
Cats are a common sight in Mykonos Town. You will find Mykonos great for luxury shopping and sight seeing in it’s candy like streets. Photos by Alexander.

When we returned to the hotel our room was sparkling clean and we were left a travel tip (visit the lighthouse) and the weather forecast for the following day at our bedside along with an evening treat.

Breakfast is the most important of the day and the hotel fits with this perfectly. Breakfast was superb, especially my personal favourite, ‘The Mykonian Breakfast’, which included a selection of traditional Greek dishes.

Traditional Greek Breakfast

Luxury hotel view with breakfast mykonos
We especially enjoyed our Breakfast with the view. Photo by Alexander.

I loved breakfast, included in the room rate – I was like a little kid in a candy store – from a selection of homemade sandwich spreads (marmalade and chocolate), Greek yogurt and honey, eggs, bread, muffins, fruit, oatmeal and sausages.

The hotel features a well-known restaurant which we tried as well on the last night of our stay, which you can read about later.

It was amazingly warm during October so time for a dip in the Infinity pool.

I went to workout at the small on-site gym during the afternoon. As it got very warm during the day I decided to take a dip in the infinity pool right after my workout. Afterwards I enjoyed sunbathing on the bed lounges. The staff even comes round with a cooling water spray and spritzes you in the face (if desired) while you bake in the sun!

Mykonos Sunny in October
Left: Bill & Coo’s Sun Deck during the morning. Right: Sun Deck during the Afternoon. Photos by Alexander.

Magali Ammos, the closest beach to Mykonos Town.

About five minutes downhill from the hotel you will find a beautiful coved beach. Megali Ammos is about 1km south of Mykonos Town. However, the beach has no umbrellas and sunbeds due to the strong northerly winds. Other beaches are not so far away: Ornos Beach; 1.1 mi, Paradise Beach; 1.2 mi and Super Paradise Beach; 2 mi.

Dinner at the Bill & Coo Restaurant

The hotel focuses on romance and elegance and one of its highlights is the candlelit gastronomic dinner in its restaurant. The dinner exceeded our expectations, we especially enjoyed a mixed seafood dish and the sea bars.

luxury dinner mykonos greece bill and coo
Bill & Coo’s Restaurant. Photo by Bill and Coo Suites and Lounge.
Mykonos Greece Bill and Coo Food Collage
The food at Bill & Coo’s gastronomic dinner. Photos by Bill and Coo Suites and Lounge.

In my opinion, luxury is mainly about how you are treated by the staff of a hotel and Bill & Coo offered me the best experience ever. I wouldn’t hesitate for one moment about recommending Bill & Coo and would love to come back for a second time. Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge closes its doors around October 25th and the new seasons starts around April 19th.

Bill and Coo Suites and Lounge
Information at: bill-coo-hotel.com
Megali Ammos Mykonos Town, Mykonos 846 00
+30 2289 026292

Written by Alexander de Jong

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